Accountants’ Back Office (ABO) Services

Our accountants’ back office (or, as we say, ABO) division enables accountants to build their own support team in phases while we cover the overheads and human resources.

Our model allows accountants to grow their businesses by accessing alternative resourcing for staffing and work flow. We provide these resources without the hassles of sick leave, annual leave, training, operating resources, such as rent and overheads, as well as down time.

Your transition to outsourcing

We employ a ‘crawl-walk-run’ approach to scale your firm. Start by trailing individual jobs—such as tax return or bookkeeping preparation for a client. After a few successful trials, graduate from using our services on an ad hoc basis to having a dedicated full-time resource. As you scale, we’ll help you grow a team of resources to keep your practice humming along.

Why give our ABO division a fair go?

  • We offer trial jobs with no obligations to continue with our services
  • Work with our Australian team to scope out the job prior to commencement
  • Each job has a set fee and quoted upfront before you start
  • You’ll see online regular process updates so you are comfortable with the process
  • Once the job is completed, we will review the overall performance of the job with you
  • If you decide to continue with our services, a full service agreement will be provided

Mix and match ABO jobs to get going

  • Individual, Corporate, Trust or Partnership Tax Returns
  • Bookkeeping
  • SMSF Audit/Compliance
  • SOA preparation/ Paraplanning

How do we access your data?

We use cloud technology to either directly access client PCs via our secure terminal servers based in Sydney or move clients to a secure cloud, hosted in Australia, in order to access confidential data so that no client information leaves Australian shores. We can also use third party platforms where appropriate and log in from our secure onshore servers.

Let’s talk about you

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