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Are You Looking For A Bookkeeper?

BPO Connect would like to help you by taking care of all your bookkeeping needs. We are a team of qualified, competent and reliable bookkeepers and accountants who can help you save time and money in your business.

Whether you have a massive tax headache and are in trouble with the ATO, if you’re a new business looking to get started on the right foot, or even if you just want someone to take care of the day to day bookkeeping duties we can help.

At BPO Connect we are:

  • An Australian Based Company
  • A Team of over 200 fully qualified bookkeepers and accountants.
  • Experienced with Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks, Sassu, Intuit and more.

Give me a call, and let’s see how I can help you and your business. 0488-675-694

When you own your own business in Coffs Harbour, the most important thing is to keep income high and overhead low.  For this reason, a lot of business owners might not consider hiring a third party company to do their bookkeeping for them.  However, if you’re not a professional bookkeeper, you might find that simple mistakes can lead to big losses, and nobody wants to have to go back and attempt to correct such mistakes after it might already be too late.

Keeping profit margins as high as possible does not necessarily require you to do all the work yourself, either.  At BPO Connect, we specialize in expert bookkeeping, ensuring that you feel confident that the numbers are correct, as well as allowing you to carry out other tasks that might be almost as important as keeping your books.  We offer the most essential bookkeeping services you’ll find in Coffs Harbour without hiring your own accountant for your business.

What Can We Do For You?

Our bookkeepers in Coffs Harbour are specially trained to make certain that your books are kept correctly and efficiently.  We know that trusting your bookkeeping to a third party could make you anxious.  After all, if the numbers aren’t correct, your business could lose money.  At BPO Connect, we not only provide all the essential services, but we are also always available to you should you need our help.  We will properly keep track of your payroll, tax returns, and bill payments, and our service is completely transparent, so you always know what we’re working on.  Our packages also provide support either through email or over the phone, so if you have any concerns, just contact us and we will make certain to resolve them.

The bookkeeping services we provide include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Online based bookkeeping services: scan, upload and let us do the rest!
  • SMSF compliance: we do it all, from running an independent audit to setting up your fund.
  • Accounting using whatever software you choose: MYOB, Zero, QuickBooks, FreshBooks, SAP B1, Ramco and more.

We’ll handle all of those tedious tasks that take up too much time, such as:

  • Transaction recording
  • Bank account reconciliations
  • Preparing your Business Activity Statement (BAS)
  • Payroll processing
  • Complete management reports
  • Cash flow reports

All of these services give you the most for your money, and we will never attempt to give you extra services or put extra charges on your bill.  With BPO Connect, you will know that you are getting long term value for what you pay for.  By choosing BPO Connect, you are ensuring that your business will run efficiently and that the books will always match your transactions.

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