BPO Connect Engagement Models

BPO Connect offers clients three types of outsourcing models: unit based, full-time equivalent (FTE) based and a build, operate and transfer (BOT) model.

Unit Based Model

The Unit based model refers to a model where payment to BPO Connect is based on the number of transactions that have been processed for the client. BPO Connect will set a baseline price based on the complexity of transactions and billing will be done on the volume of transactions processed per type of transaction.

Types of transaction

  • Simple transactions
  • Moderate complexity transactions
  • Complex transactions

Advantages to YOU

  • Payment to the BPO Connect is directly linked to the output. This allows clients the flexibility to adjust the service volumes based on business cycles.
  • Transfer the risk of variability in business activity to BPO Connect. Clients can reduce financial wastage as they pay only for what they use.
  • Induces a high level of transparency in transactions. This forces BPO Connect and the client to continuously improve.

Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Based Model

Our most popular outsourcing model is one in which the client pays for the inputs made by the supplier; namely, resource time and materials. BPO Connect agrees on a standard price per FTE, then billing is completed based on the number of FTEs deployed for the client.

Advantages to the client

  • The price will be based on the expertise of the resources deployed, complexity of tasks performed, degree of domain experience
  • Fixed pricing even if transaction levels are subject to a high degree of fluctuation.
  • Ease of implementation and is readily compatible with any type of organisation and any type of process.
  • Through process improvements the supplier can reduce the number of FTEs deployed for the client thereby giving a cost saving to the client.

Build, Operate and Transfer

The BOT (Build, Operate and Transfer) solution offers an engagement model that allows clients with interest in potentially owning and operating their own outsourcing centre to undertake the process in phases. BPO Connect partners with the client to build the outsourcing centre in three phases:

  • Build – BPO Connect sets up the outsourced team.
  • Operate –BPO Connect manages the outsourced team and executes live projects.
  • Transfer – BPO Connect transfers all resources to the client company.

Advantages to the Client Company

  • Minimised upfront investment. The company can ‘test the waters’ prior to committing to a transfer that requires long-term resources and financial commitment.
  • Minimised management involvement. The outsourcing partner is responsible for all management and operational issues and for ensuring timely and quality delivery.
  • Transferred team is an operational team. The outsourcing partner builds and operates the team so clients need not address training requirements and transfer issues.
  • Exit strategy. This arrangement provides a low to no investment exit option.

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