There is no need to feel trapped in an endless cycle of repetitive mindless behaviour. Hearing people resigning themselves to monotony especially at a young age is upsetting, as change is easy. I have compiled a few tips to give yourself a sense of purpose and hopefully inspire you to have an exciting and productive 2017!

You don’t have to set one big hairy audacious goal. It can be the sum of smaller, relatively insignificant things that you want to change. Think carefully about what frustrates you and the areas in your life that don’t give you satisfaction and pleasure.

Time to make small changes.

Do one thing at a time. This is proven. Google it. No seriously, trying to multitask does not give you the best outcome. One thing at a time gives you a sense of achievement and actual achievement.

Step back – don’t react – respond. Look at things by thinking about the future. Most people deal with problems by making it an all-consuming issue. It isn’t. Get some perspective.

Fix annoying habits – like checking your emails every five minutes, give yourself time to think and work.

Align your values, don’t do things you don’t want to do. If it goes against something you believe in. Stop!

Do something for yourself, if you feel you want to learn a language or learn a craft or become a ninja. Do it. Today more than ever you can learn things faster and with easier access.

Track and measure, use the tools which are available. After all, most of us love graphs, systems and numbers.

Small incremental changes are easy to track and will give you a sense of achievement. Add all the things you have achieved at the end of the year and you will certainly have a unique and wonderful 2017.

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