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Consider These When Choosing Your Bookkeeping Software

The moment you type in “bookkeeping software” in a search box, you are flooded with a long list that pops onto your screen. Today the accounting industry is swamped by a plethora of bookkeeping software, with almost all offering the same benefits. In a rapidly evolving technological environment these benefits could become redundant too soon.…

How to outsource your SMSF

Learn the how, why and what behind outsourcing your Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) compliance and audit offering. In the fast moving world of accounting, outsourcing is no longer just a buzz word but a genuine reality. This is largely due to the increase in regulatory compliance and the need for accurate compliance at a greater…


Notes and Lessons from the Book “LEGACY” By James Kerr and others The following is a list of sayings and points of view. The objective is to provoke your critical thinking and not to give you the reader, a defined answer. Performance Performance equals capabilities plus behaviours. Behaviours are aligned internally and externally with your…

Having a productive 2017

There is no need to feel trapped in an endless cycle of repetitive mindless behaviour. Hearing people resigning themselves to monotony especially at a young age is upsetting, as change is easy. I have compiled a few tips to give yourself a sense of purpose and hopefully inspire you to have an exciting and productive 2017!…

Working with Accountants

Be authentic Good, bad or ugly, I tell it like it is. If you’re wrong, you are simple wrong. Doesn’t make you a bad person. it just means that in this instance you are wrong. Be willing to admit this and move forward. The industry and market is too small to keep grudges. I have…
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