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BPO Connect would like to help you by taking care of all your bookkeeping needs. We are a team of qualified, competent and reliable bookkeepers and accountants who can help you save time and money in your business.

Whether you have a massive tax headache and are in trouble with the ATO, if you’re a new business looking to get started on the right foot, or even if you just want someone to take care of the day to day bookkeeping duties we can help.

At BPO Connect we are:

  • An Australian Based Company
  • A Team of over 200 fully qualified bookkeepers and accountants.
  • Experienced with Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks, Sassu, Intuit and more.

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Small businesses are actually iconic in society at the moment. There is a general distaste for larger industry at times. Businesses with local acumen have a strong pull on society. This is precisely the idea you should leverage with your business. You do have to evenly distribute business load. By employing the services of a Rockhampton bookkeeper, you can have account logistics covered completely. You are then allowed to focus on other business obligations such as customer service. Your brand and your reputation are your appeal. Keep the books well with appropriate services should you need any of the following:

  • Maintain records of incoming and outgoing transactions
  • Online software for delay compensations
  • Optimise payroll processing and tracking
  • Track all payment reports
  • Proper cash flow maintenance with records
  • Control of management reporting
  • BAS, or Business activity Statement preparation

Bookkeeping services are a reasonable and wise investment for any small business. This is especially true if these services provide online software solutions for all your business needs. Your software and record data is never at risk for loss. Cloud based software allows for essential information such as transaction and tax records to be kept offline. Business changes can be difficult when you do not update software for years on end and online business solutions provide your small business with consistent updates to stay ahead of the times. With reliable data, you have a reliable infrastructure from which to either maintain or build. Look for solid bookkeepers to provide you with:

  • Start a business the right way with full SMSF compliance and exact accounting and auditing services included with your bookkeeping services.
  • All bookkeeping should be on a silent level so you do not have to become involved unnecessarily. Upload all documents, regardless of source, with ease to online software and database systems.
  • Make use of software you are comfortable with. You can choose from common software solutions like Ramco, Zero, QuickBooks, MYOB, SAP B1, FreshBooks or similar programs.

You need an affordable bookkeeper to do precise work for you to streamline your client and vendor transactions and this type of service is available to you with a Rockhampton bookkeeper. Keep track of account reconciliation, cash flow, balancing bank accounts, payroll, and BAS with professional record keeping of the highest calibre. You are essentially creating a strong enterprise with dynamic and adaptive integrity. This swift and efficient business strategy will serve your intentions for years to come especially if you intend to expand the business. You will need:

  • Full cash flow reports detailing incoming and outgoing funds
  • Bank accounts fully managed
  • Preparation of Business Activity Statements as required
  • Payroll management
  • Statistical cash flow analysis to determine loss and gain
  • Management protocol maintenance and advice
  • Exact records of all transactions in the business

By aligning your small business infrastructure with viable bookkeeping management, you are free to set your sights on larger business goals. You are building the structure and reputation of your business and creating a good reputation which will serve for years to come.

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