Be authentic

Good, bad or ugly, I tell it like it is. If you’re wrong, you are simple wrong. Doesn’t make you a bad person. it just means that in this instance you are wrong. Be willing to admit this and move forward. The industry and market is too small to keep grudges. I have thrived in this industry because I don’t forget this.

Be professional

Unfortunately for some people they don’t understand that 8.00am is 8.00am. It isn’t 7.55am nor is it 8.05am – this is the bane of many industries, be on time. This is important. I juggle a number of engagements and roles, and I manage my time diligently to serve my customers.

Be competitive

I aim to win, every time. Not just this time. No one remembers who came in second in the 100m men’s final at Rio. Well I don’t anyway.

You buy from me, I serve you

We are in the service industry. I work in a thought leadership role on many fronts, but ultimately I serve my customers. Regardless of whether it is a piece of software or a level of guidance. I serve you.

Learn to take No

No is for today, no is never forever, never burn the bridge. A bad meeting doesn’t necessarily mean a bad relationship. I have many customers who make me promises and don’t keep them. I consider them future prospects not lost causes.

Work Hard

Complacency is a killer, do not give into hubris and assume you are doing well. Always strive to be better. Your Klout score is 60 doesn’t make you a superstar. It just makes you the leader for the moment. That moment may pass very quickly. Keep striving. They measure you to 100 for a reason.

 Be grateful

I never forget my people. I get a lot of help, support and I appreciate it. Learn to appreciate. It pays back in quantum amounts. I use my network to leverage things. From relationships to tweets, this is a secret to success.

Have a plan.

I work to a plan, I record everything, take meeting notes, create to-do’s, follow up, follow up and follow up again. I refine the process from call times, to meeting minutes to detailed mind maps.

Keep notes.

I keep copious amounts of notes, I can refer back to them, I use technology to leverage and try to share these notes with others, you never know when something you learnt in 1997 may come in handy. If your notes are not electronic, you’re not in the game.

Have Fun.

I love what I do, I smile, enjoy myself and have a kooky sense of humour, but that’s just me. 

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